Asheville Baroque Concerts

presents Vihuela!

Sunday, December 5th at 3 p.m. EST

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Daniel Swenberg on lute

Daniel Swenberg

Vihuela!, a program of music for viola da gamba and lute prerecorded in the beautiful setting and acoustic of St. Giles Chapel at Deerfield, features guest artist Daniel Swenberg on lute and theorbo, and ABCs’ Gail Ann Schroeder on viola da gamba.

In Renaissance Spain, where the lute and viol existed in their earliest forms, the term vihuela was used interchangeably—at times specified further as vihuela de arco (bowed), and vihuela de mano (plucked). The kinship of these two families of instruments is found not only in early terminology, but also in similarities of tuning, technique and repertoire as they developed through the ages.

This program features music from 16th-century Spain to the 18th-century French Baroque, highlighting solos for each individual instrument, as well as their exquisite sonorous combination. Works by Ortiz, Vitali, Kapsberger, Hume, Weiss, DeVisée and Marais will be performed.

Vihuela! will be aired on December 5th at 3 p.m. and will be available thereafter on demand. The youtube link will be posted on the Asheville Baroque and Pan Harmonia websites.